Arch-Bishop Joseph Coutts

bishop joseph_med

As we begin the New Year I would like to express my appreciation and sincere thanks to you and all the Sunday School teachers who are playing such an important role in catechizing our children.

Thanks to you, the Archdiocese is in the forefront of Sunday School catechesis with 125 Sunday Schools, 716 Teachers [...]

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Rev.Father Saleh Diego


On the National Level when we think about the Catholic Sunday School Ministry, our hearts are filled with gratitude, joys and happiness.  We Thank the Lord for His Blessings and special Grace that works wonders among thousands of Children and Youth every Sunday.  The Word of God is proclaimed and Evangelized to children in different [...]

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Bishop max


I extend my heartiest congratulations to all those in the Sunday School Ministry of the Archdiocese of Karachi. I particularly congratulate its dynamic and far-sighted Director, Rev. Fr. Saleh Diego, his Diocesan Co-ordinator, Zahid and his present team of Co-workers on the tremendous progress of Catholic Sunday Schools in Karachi. I also congratulate Archbishop Joseph [...]

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